International Shipping Information


We are currently only offering shipping options to Canada.

International Shipping Requirements & Terms:
* A $25 minimum order is required.
* Shipping costs do not include duty fees or taxes. Any fees or taxes are your responsibility to pay if they become due upon arrival.
* Covid & not having taxes prepaid could delay delivery. We have no control over any possible Customs or postal delays.
* Payment transaction fees, shipping costs & a restocking fee of 30% are not refundable if your order is returned-to-sender for any reason. Items must be received back in their original condition for a refund.
* ShipSaver Insurance is purchased for all USPS 1st Class Mail Int’l shipments & they require a minimum time of 45 days to be allowed for delivery. You would be required to complete an online form for the insurance claim if there are any shipping issues. Please let us know if you do not accept the insurance terms & we can revise the invoice to offer Priority Mail Int’l for you.
If you accept these terms & are still interested, please create an account in the store and let us know your full shipping address & phone number, along with the items you wish to purchase. We will then be able to create an order for you & will send the invoice for you to complete checkout.

Current cheapest shipping rates for parcels valued up to $100 via ShipSaver Insured USPS First Class Mail to Canada:
Up to 8oz - $18.99
Up to 2lbs - $28.39
Up to 3lbs - $39.89
Up to 4lbs - $43.89
Max. length 24", max length, height, and depth (thickness) combined 36”.
Parcels that are large in size or weigh over 4 lbs must ship via Priority Mail.
The additional insurance cost is $1.00 per additional $100 in value.

We are honest on all customs forms. No exceptions. Providing false information, such as a lower value or marking as a gift when it is not, is a federal offense punishable by law.